Will AI Kill SEO in Future? We Asked ChatGPT

Nearly everyone online is now aware of the enormous growth in AI technology that we are all experiencing. Whether you\’ve seen an extraordinary piece of AI-generated art from Midjourney, been led astray by ElevenLabs into thinking Prince Harry made a completely outrageous statement in his autobiography, or read a provocative poem from ChatGPT, AI is here and it\’s here to stay. But nowhere is it discussed more than in the tech industry.

Is ChatGPT going to kill SEO?

No, AI is not likely to kill SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the future. In fact, AI is already enhancing and improving SEO techniques in a big way.

In order to provide users with more relevant search results, AI-based technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms can aid search engines like Google in comprehending the context and intent behind user queries. In order to inform and enhance SEO strategies, AI can also assist in identifying patterns and trends in user behavior and search data.


What is it that AI cannot do?

Offer a range

Searchers can make their own choices when submitting a query thanks to the wide variety that search engines provide on their results pages. Before making a decision, people like to research, consider, and compare, especially when it involves making a purchase.

It\’s highly unlikely that users will continue to use ChatGPT\’s technology all the way through to the purchasing stage, despite the fact that it may be excellent for users who are in the research stage because it enables them to quickly and accurately respond to questions. For instance, if a robot asked you, \”What are the best headphones for under £200,\” would you simply believe it? deciding to buy it right away after reading the description? Obviously, if you\’re anything like me, the answer is no.


The same anxiety was sparked by the introduction of voice search and digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana in our devices. Even though ChatGPT\’s capacity for answering queries has significantly increased, as things stand, it is much more useful for encouraging students to cheat on their assignments or reciting a condensed biography of Henry VIII than it is for fundamentally altering how SEO will be carried out on e-commerce websites.

Be innovative

One of the most challenging areas for businesses to concentrate on when they decide against outsourcing to a team of experts is creativity, which is still the cornerstone of SEO. Creativity is crucial to the process, whether it be creating relatable and interesting content for targeted audiences, acting appropriately when building links, or having the ability to think critically when figuring out why a site may have lost rankings, traffic, or conversions.

The ability of AI to fully mimic human experience is still far from being achieved, even though it may be able to write a brief explanation or a formal email. Additionally, it is incapable of writing in an interesting and humane manner. As AI becomes more prevalent, websites that don\’t employ creativity in their SEO campaigns are more likely to experience failure, making the work of highly creative, lateral-thinking SEO specialists far more valuable and efficient.

Monitor trends

AIs draw knowledge from already-existing data sources to operate. Even though these sources will always be updated thanks to machine learning, it\’s unlikely that the dataset will be able to understand why events happened rather than just that they did.

There are currently no AI tools available that can continuously analyze, comprehend, and act on completely new trends, despite the fact that the SEO industry is constantly changing and progressing.

So what are we to do?

Business owners and seasoned SEO specialists are currently limited to using this level of AI technology as an intriguing new tool. Since it has already been created, it won\’t vanish. The way that businesses, SEOs, and searchers use the internet will undoubtedly change, but it\’s unlikely that the next big thing will completely wipe out any industry. It is up to agencies and SEOs to embrace new technology and take advantage of its potential to advance the industry as more consumer AI technology enters the market. We will be able to offer higher level consulting solutions with the aid of new AI technologies.

The type of AI technology that Google and Microsoft employ is still in its infancy and is evolving at a dizzying rate. As a result, we\’ll continue to update this article with fresh data as it becomes available.

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