We Never “set it & neglect it”

DDS provides an absolute PPC program advancement (or upgrade of a current pay-per-click campaign) and progressing a present optimization and administration services.

PPC Reviews

At DDS, we offer a PPC review as a service to customers who are not fundamentally trying to switch PPC providers, or set out of dealing with the records themselves – they are just searching for approaches to enhance and sharpen their efforts. Our to PPC supervisors will go over your record and provide for you an extremely same counsel we would utilize if your record was our record.

Facebook Promotions

Facebook promotion exhibits an immaculate complement to any search advertising campaign. With 1.2 billion clients, including 727 million regular clients, Facebook is the chief online networking stage. It emphasizes a powerful advertising platform that can aid to spread your message to a wide swath of individuals. Businesses can target Facebook clients in two approaches.

Google AdWords

PPC promotion conveys an instantaneous activity by setting you at the top positions on web crawlers. With Google representing two-thirds of all US searches, AdWords remains to be the best PPC promotion vehicle. It not just places your site in noticeable perspective of your searchers; however AdWords enlistment additionally furnishes you with the capacity to precisely test keywords, supplementing your current SEO procedures.

Bing Promotions

DDS can kick you off by utilizing Bing PPC services, or update your current campaign. With commercial creation, optimization, and administrative services, DDS can bail you to get the most out of your search promotion on Bing.


DDS offers a complete retargeting services, including campaign improvement and administration services. Our mastery in the field guarantees that businesses use their advertisement money on the clients that are most probably to convert, as opposed to tossing mud at the wall and in hopes that it sticks.

What’s incorporated in DDS Specialized PPC Administration Services?

Keyword Disclosure and DeterminationAd Content CreationHelp with Enhancing Landing PagesConversion FollowingAd AccommodationPPC TrackingPPC Cost AdministrationCampaign Improvement Alteration


We will have a monthly report about your campaign’s development with regards to keyword selection and content choice, and we make a rank report so that you will be informed where you rank naturally for the essential keywords that you have paid for. Furthermore, after you audit your report, we will reserve an hour call with the members of your group to clarify your campaign’s advancement, course, and answer any inquiries you may have.


Each campaign is not the same, so it is difficult to quote for a one-size-fits-all cost. The cost of the service will differ relying upon your keyword volume and month to month use.

Simple instruction to contract DDS for PPC Administration

In case you are considering our PPC Management Services, please reach us to check our accessibility and obtain a free quote.